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[21 Aug 2004|10:10pm]
hey everyone..this is now my old journal...i made a new journal and it is exotic_erotic i still need to make a few changes, but yupp. Soo Add me kay? And I'll add all of yu. I really wanetd my name to be erotic_exotic but it was taken. piss me off. haha anyways...:)
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[20 Aug 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]


Yesterday was fun. I slept in till latttte haha and Lynette came over around 3ish. We then went to chantelle's to pick her up. And we three went to the mall. We shopped for pants..chantelle got these super pretty ones. They look soo comfy and are soo soft, they are like cargo pants but nicer ina cream color and they looked so fantastic on her. And she also got capri pants. I got 2 pairs of jeans and one pair of comfy pants, but not like chantelles. I returned one pair of my jeans this morning with lynette..cuz i noticed they were way long.

Anyways, after we shopped for pants, we went to mr ribs for coffee. Well okay, ice tea, water and fries. That was good. We talked about how _ _ A_ _ _ is such a _ _ _ _ _!!!!!!! yupp. Then chantelley went home and lynette andi went food shopping. We bought fruit, a HUGE honey dew was like 2.98 each so lynette and i spent like 20 minutes deciding on which was the bigger...we got a huge one though,

then lynette ate taco salad, and i had eggs but i hate eggs so it wasnt too good. Then LYnette and i decided to go for a walk, so we did so. it was nice. but then we came home after running after ryans car. and we put pjs on, watched some movie..ate some food, talked t my parents who were gone for 5 days, and then went to sleep tp wake up at 9 to visit the bakery.

if we had woken up like 30 minutes before, we may have been able to get a ride but noooo haha so we walked with are newly burned 80's cd. it was fun. we brought are own tuna and had tuna on buns. then we had a cookie, went to the bank, and then went to the mall,so like i said before, return pants. mom went shopping. then we went out for lunch at mr ribs, even tho lynette and i were full. hahaha we didnt eat much. then we came home. Steve picked up lynette, and i came up here. and here i am..

my mom gave me my christmas present early. its cool. its a digital camera, mp3 palyer, video camera and voice recorder all in one..crazy huh? its by an un known brand soo...we dno how well it will work...haha but anyways its pretty neat and im gonna install it soon. its soo light. im excited. I can FINALLY post pictures of like every day and shiat, like some of you do, (savannah) man her pics are beautiful, ill never match.

Love y'all.

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mmhmhmhmhmh [19 Aug 2004|12:58pm]
I had a hottub party. 2 nights ina row.

The first one was just 4 guys wanting to go in, so they took off there pants and did so. Quinton and I stayed in the house and watched bring it on.

Then the next day, I went to saskaton with ryan and jon. It was great fun, we got lost trying to find value village..omg true ppl from melfort hey. We knew what street but we didnt know how to get there from where we were, but we figured it was a good learning expierence cuz this way when we move there atleast we know a bit haha. Ryan bought a super nice jacket. And jon bought new shoes. And i got a hoody a tshirt and shoes and then like a lot of stuff from value village. ryan and jon found smith sunglasses there. We ate afuddruckers. jon was comfy full and ryan and i were the shit this sucks full hahahha.

haha then when we got home, ryan and jon went home for a bit, and so i went home ,, and then like 15 minutesl ater scott showed up. We made fun of numerous tv shows. it was fun, then finally at like 8:30 jon and ryan showed up. and then like 10 mins later mikey (YAy hes outta the hospital!!) and jordan showed up, and ohh and before that quinton and travis came with ryan and jon i think. and then after that jeff showed up.

Then mikey left...and we all went in the hottub that sucked..cuz yeah he shoul dhave gotten to come in, but anyways there was 8 of us in there, and the water was over flowing...but it was fun, and now the water is mirky...haha i looked in it today and there was a beer can floating in it haha so funny. silly jeeeeeeedan. anyways i had to figure out whose shorts are whose today which i now know. we had a fun time. im gonna go though, so ill talk to you all laters. haha cya
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hrm [08 Aug 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

wow..what a morning lol

I slept till like 11 cuz I seriously have nothing better to do. damn Melfort and its no jobs at all.

Lynette told me she was coming into town, and she needed to go grocery shopping, so i went with her. We ar so pathetic. We think that maybe they need to make a class at school where they teach you how to shop for groceries and all that sort of stuff or else when we move out and have are own place, its gonna be hell. specially because even together we cant make a decision. Anyways haha we went to Dairy Queen to visit all are friends. Chantelle gave us free ice cream cones...but i only got a small, cuz she knows im not supose to have it. lol we had a good chat. it was dead there. yupp so we also got cool colouring pages of sailor moon ..and we are going to color them for chantelle. with crayons of course.

Anyways now im sitting here alone, listening to some DDr music. but im gonna go now. tata

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weeeeeeeee [06 Aug 2004|11:11am]
Hey everyone, I havent updated in the longest time!!!!! Oh well, i really have been just sitting at home being sick on the couch..seriously, pretty much for like 3 weeks. Anyways, now that I'm off the couch....haha I went and got my haircut on Wednesday. I wa ssoo happy with it, but yesterday, I tried to do it, and well it didn't work, So maybe today it will. Anyways i switched me hair salon, and i was actually happy with the results haha.

yesterday..i went to saskatoon, to pick my mom up from the airport. Before we picked her up, we went to value village, I got a hello kitty backpack, a few plastic bangles, a lot of tacky earings..most with hearts on them *shrugs* only thing they had i guess haha and then a huge 80's necklace. Reminds me of the one that Wilma wears in the flinstones...only black. I was going ot get a red sweater, but i didnt.

Anyyywa,s yesterday I made over 15 stencils for t-shirts. But ithink im going to have to limit that down,, cuz dno if my mom will want to spend money to buy me that many blank tshirts.

I lost 5 pounds in the past week. Yay for cutting out all the carbs i eat, which must be all the weight i gained. Cuz i ate pasta like everyday....waht do u expect it the easiest thing ever, orrrr all the bread and stuff. My dad owns a bakery, of course im gonna eat the bread,. I dislike donuts but hey. anyways so i may lose weight haha its exciting.

my mom brought her digital camera back, and i forgot that i can use it to take pictures, and so i am going to do that on my spare time. cuz then i can post all sorts of weird crazy pictures. perhaps of what i see on the ground, or the park behind my house with strange kids, or the coyotes thatlive in the back yard. lol

i got all my classes for next year so im going to share them with you guys.....

first semster
1st period - psychology with Mr.Clarke
2nd period - english 20 with Mr.Newton
3rd period - Math A30 with Mr. Linnell
4th period - Visual Art 20 with Mr.Clarke
5th period - CPT 10 with Mr. Sorestad

Second Semester
1st period - Bio 20 with Ms. Wirachowsky
2nd period - Media Studies online
3rd period - Social Studies 20 with Mr. Hadwen
4th period - Bio 30 with Ms. Heavin
5th period - Life Trans 30 with Ms. Wurtz

I shall go now though, summe ris sort of boring and nothing to great happened yet.
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wowzerz.. [18 Jul 2004|11:03am]
Hey everyone,

I'm back from Vancouver...
The warped tour was so great...I've never seen such great bands anti-flag, story of the year, taking back sunday, mae, letter kills, ima robot, go betty go, new found glory, coheed and cambria, flogging molly, bouncing souls, bad religion, nofx, yellowcard, thursday, early november, rise against, the red west, another damn disapointment, stole your women, victory within, brazil, from first to last, yesterdays rising, montys fan club, and like one song from thr matches,,,,those are the bands i watched..some or most of, there were so many other bands that im really pissed off i didn't get to see!! the break dancing in the brooklyn tent was soo amazing, and all the people were amazing!!! it was so hott, but who cares it was soo good. After the concert, the bus failed us for like 5 hours. we waited and waited with like 20 other kids from the we even left early to catch the bus, and it never cxame, and we switched bus stops and it still never came, and thne we switched again, and the buses were to full to pick anyone up and they only come every hour and a wss really stupid. so then finally my dad and uncle came and picked us up.. we got mcdonalds, omg my auntie was sucha bitch to me, she liked jon better thanme!! and he had a nose bleed all over her blankets..i was sad. and i was happy to get here...(homE) gonan go though.cuz iseriouslu have nothing else to telly ou...oh i bought this fantabulous dress haah anyways Cyaz
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[23 Jun 2004|04:13pm]
Hey people...

crowned king concert last night was most excellent. BUTTTTTTT Jeff's band was superb because well Lynette and i love jeff hha yupp.they are pretty cool dudes too. We wrote all over there bus with sharpies. Then this morning, Lynette and i were off to school to write one of are finals, and we see this school bus and we were like waht the hell..and aparently ccrowned king was partying with my neighbors...makes sense for all the noise that was going on last night. And now, they are just screwing around. somewhere..i dno. Anyways, i write one more final tomorrow and then im done school! i just finished haveing like a 4 hour nap haha :O it was wonderful, but now my hair feels greasy and im really lazy hahaha

i wonder if jon enjoyed golfing today, i hate golf soo..anyways i should go, sorry for the like no updates..when my life gets interesting ill let yu know..
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[14 Jun 2004|05:06pm]
Hey everyone,

Just me as usual. Only 4 days left of school till exams!! YAY!!! and then i pretty well get all of next week off cuz i only write 2 exams in 2 mornings. Yepp we all live boring lives in this town. if it doesnt involve drugs or smokes or alcohol no one is interested. wow and so many ppl are getting the shit kicked out of them lately. stupid ppl. anywaysim almost off of school YES:) and i thought ppl would be interested in this article in the GLOBE AND MAIL that has to do with MELFORT...MELFORT in the GLOBE AND MAIL lol about the chicks who fight here and what drives the violence and how no one takes notice...pretty weird. lol and all pretty true...

anyways im gonna go cyaz
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fries or curly fries sir? [10 Jun 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


well anyways its raining. man im so full. i hate eating till im full, i liek eating till im perfect. total difference. Anyways im getting high off of paint fumes its really craazYYY!! hahah man i dno why i have so many strange communities on my livejournal, like 100 pounds over weight community? im not a 100 pounds over weight, haha i do random searches and then for some reason i add them on so i can read them in my friends journal and i just have all this weird shit, so im trying to clean it up at the moment, might take awile though. I found some crazy music. like pop stuff and dance stuff with a little techno, its very amuzing. lynette and i were looking forward to goin to stoon this weekend, we really wanted to play DDR...damnit, now we have to go to PA.but luckily the thrift stores are open, so there will bemajor thrifting!!! woop! and perhaps arby's curly fries, even tho im on a diet cuz i have to lose weight, and so when my mom comes back ill eb all good looking haha. yay lynette and i are making WE LOVE JEFF shirts haha so excited..even tho wehate crowned king. :P. LYNETTE GOT A KICK ASS TATTOO THE OTHER DAY i didnt tell u that yet did i? well its cool. haha anyways .. when we got back to melfort, we went to 7-11. and like oky, they have the best fries hey well the psycho no friends lady gave this guy a ba gfull of fries and we asked for some and there werent many left so she said no, and like hello raeanne is working and she could have made some, like we would have waited for them..duh. but we just got chips and then the crazy psycho lady gave a man the rest of the fries!! like didnt we ask for them before.

hfdsudsufggwiu grwu i warped tour so soon, crazynes sis that lynette is going to th eone in calgary and we will be gone the same days! :O haha we may miss the fair though (no curly fries :(:(:()anyways i should go :) love you all, and if im thinking right, i think Megan added me as a friend on livejournal, :) im very observant haha yay!<3

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[06 Jun 2004|12:40am]
Hey, I haven't updated this thing for a long time, a very long time. Ive been all boring and things lately. I did lose 5 pounds sad cuz i hate the way i look, but i do love al of you very journal has been so boringlately, i promise to try to make it better :)
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[19 May 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey, i have not updated ina really long very sorry. the days are blending in together and well i just liek to read ur guys entries but then again if everyone did what i did then no one woul dhave anything to read! *sigh*

LAst weekend was quite fun..On Saturday night Jon, Lynette, TRavis, Quinton Scott and I were all hanging out at Travis's house. His brother was having a sleep over with a bunch of guys including greasy mullet army boy George told us not to bother them but of course..who would listen haha. Anyways, Zach in his big boat of a car, came like raging up Travis's driveway, his car liek flew haha but George wouldnt let them in thank god teehee. We also saw some retards put there car on this huge pile of dirt like we are talking as tall as a building like a 2 story house high pile of dirt, they drove there car up there and couldnt get it downHAHA so funny, Lynette Jon and I witnessed it and laughed, we thoughti t would flip down the side, but it didnt. Anyways Jon left Travis;s hoiuse early cuz he had to work.We called George from the cell phone so we could say the funny"hi is travis there"impression hha cuz travis is a dumb ass and none of u know what the hell im talking about and im sorry lol..anyways We took the duster pink stripe out for a drive, then we thought HEY lets trash this bak alley. so we did. it was fun and we ran a lot then we played at the park, Quinton was filling up the paddling pool with urine. lol we drove around more, and now im too lazy to remember what else happened haha.

School has been all the same and boring.thnk god this weekend is a long weekend. on friday a bunch of us are doing "operation plan" ..very excited haha. its a secret *wink*. then a few days alter we are going to pa,,,well some of us. im broke tho. oh wells. anyways i have to gmy eyes are shuttinh, and well im too lazy to type more, ill try updating more..

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[12 May 2004|10:20pm]
so i havent updated inawile..

Wellllllll....nothing at all new, the days are horribly repetative.

Only like 26 days not counting the weekends until exams and i only have to write yay. thats so close too. Jon is going to buy me my receipt to take my license tomorrow...if he doesnt buy it for me, ill enver ever get it done, so anyways...maybe my mom will buy me a car. that would be cool. I dno why im updating i have nothing at all to say....

well tata.
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[28 Apr 2004|10:44pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

this week is soo slow.

Scott came over tonight...he played guitar..he played me the song he made up while i was pretending to be blind and was rather amusing

Jon then proceeding to teach scott 2 more songs..scott is going to alexisonfire on friday and im REALLY f'in jelous..but i still love him!!<3

I'm going to saskatoon on saturday...Jon is coming with. It shall be fun. We are soo going to broadway cuz i want to shop at divine, and schmatta, and pirates and the vinyl exchange and etc etc and those are like not all on broadyway wel like 2 or maybe one i forget what i typed anyways!! haha

Lynettes bday was today and it was also Dans bday! HAPPY BDAY!!!

I want my vietnamese noodle bowl from ding dongs,,,thats the best restaurant in stoon. lol hmmmmmmmmmm spring rolls. or i could eat at the red pepper they make awesome salad rolls, orrrrr chick peas is good..hmmmm

anyways i shall go to bed now, talk to you ppl later..

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[24 Apr 2004|06:33pm]
Okay, why dont ppl wear underwear anymore...whats with all these ppl being "free" ... even guys. its getting weirder every day i tell you..
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[21 Apr 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey ppl, yeah i Have not updated in a super long time...

I passed all my classes!! Go me! lol

I went on a cruise over Easter break. It started off in Miami, and went to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico..lots of really good food and the ship was huge. I met a guy named Marc, he was pretty cool, he was my only friend but who cares cuz atleast i made an awesome friend, which we forgot to get emails and stuff so i guess ill never see him again *shrugs* what can you do. I have some friends back here anyways. I was going to go to that night club on there but I decided I wasnt cool enough, haha more or less, I didnt want to go cuz everyone who was going in there thru the arcade that i saw, were all kinda snobby and yu know, sometimes u can just tell, so i played dance dance revolution till like 3 every night. kicked a lot of ass atleast.

The week so far at school has been boring. Got notified that all math 20 kids have to take a stupid provincial test. how wonderful.awe haha the other day when i was sitting in art listening to mrs batiuk talk about something haha all the sudden i hear "JILLIAN I LOVE YOU" hahaha it was so cute..haha it was Scott..everyone was like thats so cute and they were all laughing hahaha it was so funny. Then later on I got a hug haha I get hugs lots from him haha you know..its just one of those "IVE BEEN UR GREAT FRIEND FOREVER AND I LOVE YOU" type thing cuz yeah in grades..well actually all my life he has been like the coolest person ever and I will never let him forget it, nor will i let him forget any of are memories..haha hes reading this hey scott lol.. Anyways here are some pictures of my room lol this is like the stupidest post i have ever made..anyways haha the first pic is of my messy comp desk...yes i know there is a 50 dollar bill in the picture , as well as my debit card, some cds, a glass, maias bracelets, and some other crap..

title or description

this next pic is of my bed haha its kinda messy..

title or description

here is a pic of my wall lol

title or description

This is what im making for supper. lol

title or description

Thank you and have a wonderful day. lol i dno.

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[07 Apr 2004|07:19pm]
yu know...I just had a thought..ahh never mind i wont say it, just had to do with that backstreet boys song "i need you tonight" haaaa yeah. lol
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mmmm ya [06 Apr 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Ok, im being depressed and schtuff today. jon is coming over later i guess. i got a new bathing suit. its cool. u can read the survey if u want....ciao

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mmmm ya [06 Apr 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Ok, im being depressed and schtuff today. jon is coming over later i guess. i got a new bathing suit. its cool. u can read the survey if u want....ciao

u can read this if ur bored..clicky clickyCollapse )

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[31 Mar 2004|09:57pm]
Hi-ya! This week is like blah, and the weekend was just the same, and I'm tired. You know i couldnt honestly tell you what i did on the weekend, cuz i seriously don remember.

Yesterday, Ryan Tamara and I drove around after school. It was intreiging, lots of singing and dancing from Tamara and I, and weird stares from Ryan. Not are fault he wasnt having fun haha...anyways later on that night Dan came and picked me up. We went thru the DQ drive thru, talked about his patented blizzard hem ade for himself, got some extra spoons 7 to be exact. Drove to Dans house. I was told to pick a dvd, but im sucha loser and like he has over a 100 so like i realy cant pick u know. I mde him pick. we watched rules of attraction, GOOD CHOICE DAN it was a good movie. ahh and the couch was sooooo comfy. like i could have stayed in that spot all damn night hahahah. he had to explain a lot to me about the movie,,cuz im kinda thats oaky. Then after the movie, we talked. we took a pic of us which probably wont turn out cuz i cant take nice pics haha awe poor me. And then he took me home. ahh but i really probably would have liked to lay on his couch all night haha . Anyways a hug goodbye and i went inside.

Today, was hell in gym. as usual. i have a sexist bastard as ateacher and it sucks. english i probably fell asleep, art, well i dont really remember i tihnk i helped kelsey with her poster. then i stuck anothet fruit to go wrapper on my locker and talked with ppl haha and then 4th period, i was sitting weird in my desk cuz jill wood and i were partners and we were just laughing and talking cuz what else do we do uknow haha anyways so then she went to put her hand on her leg but she put it on mine haha so then just to creep me out she was liek rubbing my leg. we laughed for like a million hours, i think i was high on something hahaha. dallas's feet stink pretty bad...maybe that was it. ANYWAYS lol accounting was far more interesting with Tamara pretending to chop off tyrels infected finger, and then him licking the blood off his finger, forgetting that he put that fake skin stuff on, his face was priceless "FUCK THAT SHIT NASTY" haha well duh..its like what rubber or something. lol our accounting convos are always super interesting. :P anyways haha that was about al l i did today. oo yes. tata
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[24 Mar 2004|07:37pm]
Hey Everyone, I cut my hair awile back. I really cut my hair awile back. lol Here are some pics from the expierence...

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Those are the piccies...Anyways school has been boring lately. lol thats really all ive got today.
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